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Emily: You're going to fall in love. I promise. I bet you anything.
Dee: Is that so?
Emily: Yup.
Dee: I really don't think I will. It looks a lot like I'm the only one of my kind. And even if I wasn't...
Emily: Are you sure you're it?
Dee: I've never found anyone else.
Emily: Have you looked?
Dee: Yes.
Emily: Who were you looking for? Other Deaths, or... concepts, or...
Dee: Uh... concepts. There aren't any other Deaths. I know that much. If there were, they'd have to be horrendous slackers.
Emily: Hah! Yeah... It's strange for your to be the only one, though.
Dee: Is it? How so?
Emily: Why only Death? What about Life? If you exist, there must be a Life around somewhere. At the very least! Surely?
Dee: Yeah, I don't know. As I say, I've never found anyone else. I don't think Life would be very hard to find. And you can't find a pattern in only one data point, Em.
Emily: Oh.
Dee: Besides, I can't imagine Life would like me very much.
Emily: You can't imagine anyone liking you, though.
Alt text: death to all the other deaths: 'NOBODY EVER DOES ANY WORK AROUND THIS UNIVERSE BUT ME'