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Dee: But if they exist, I keep destroying all their creations.
Emily: They may not think of it that way. They may think of it as just a job. You've got yours, they've got theirs.
Dee: But... they might not think like that...
Emily (poking him in the chest for emphasis): But they might. And you never know, they might be really grateful to you. Where would evolution be without you? Besides, opposites attract. You could never guess who might like you.
Dee: Well the point is moot if I never meet them.
Emily: ...
Dee: Though what you said, about evolution... it reminds me of another analogy I thought of for my job.
Emily: Oh? Let's hear it.
Dee: It's a bit like the job winding the film at the back of the cinema. You've probably never been to one like that, but do you know what I'm talking about?
Emily: Yeah.
Dee: So - I'm winding it, and life and everything is projected onto the screen. I keep it moving and changing. Evolution is the story, and if I stop winding, it stands still. Like a photograph. Photos are nice, but there's only so much to them. Though the analogy seems to suggest there'd be no reproduction, without me. I haven't thought of a version where it doesn't stop. Maybe the film catches fire? I don't know. There's only so far you can take an analogy.
Emily: Nice one, though. You keep things interesting, basically. But that's true anyway. People are morbid.
Dee: Strange, that.
Emily: Not really.
Alt text: well as far as I've heard it DOES catch fire if you don't wind it properly