↓ Transcript
Emily: Anyway, since when is there a point to birthdays at all?
Dee: I figure it makes sense to celebrate avoiding me for another year.
(Behind them, the boys make gestures to each other to indicate that Emily is crazy.)
Dee: More sense than a lot of the other things people celebrate, in my opinion.
Emily: What? Whoa, that's a darker undertone.
(The boys skate away.)
Sorry, I figured that was the underlying meaning, even if culturally noone talks about it.
Emily: No! Birthdays are fun, that's all. People like celebrating things!
Dee: People like being alive. It isn't that dark, is it.
Emily: I suppose not, in those words.
Dee: Being alive, managing to not die yet, same difference. It's not very noteworthy when there is literally no way to even injure you and your existence is basically mandated until the end of all life, at least.
Emily: So you'll die when the last living thing does?
Dee: You can't die if you're not alive...
Emily: DEE. Again with the language. Can't we talk as though you were alive, even though we both know you're not?
Dee: I suppose. Anyway, I don't know when I'll... die. Or if. I'm hoping it'll be as soon as my job is over, but I'm not sure.
Emily: You could check that, too, right?
Dee: I could, but... I really hate checking things like that. I hope that's when I'll go because the other options are too... depressing.
Emily: ... Oh...