↓ Transcript
Emily: What-
Dee: So anyway, no birthdays for me. No reason to celebrate them, at least.
Emily: What if I want to celebrate them?
Dee: You're crazy. Nobody should want to celebrate my existence.
Emily: ... You have very low self esteem, don't you?
Dee: No I don't! I... No, I meant from your perspective. We've talked about this. The taxman simile, all that. Lives celebrating their own destruction? I've always found that really... ...wrong.
Emily: Fine, no birthday then. But I'm still going to give you a present.
Dee: What? Why? Is that what this is all about?
Emily: Because you're my friend, and because you gave me something for my birthday.
Dee: Oh - oh, no, I didn't mean to give you an obligation to -
Emily (taking off her backpack): It's not an obligation! It's giving and receiving!
Dee: That's ok, I don't need to receive.
Emily: But it's not fair -
Dee: Your company is enough. More than enough.
Emily: But I want to give you a present!