↓ Transcript
Emily (whispering throughout): Psst! Death! Over here!
Death (not whispering): Ah. Hello! Sorry about before. I often turn up at awkward moments it seems.
Emily: Eh, don’t worry about it.
Death: Were you reading those books?
Emily: Uh... yeah. At recess I was looking for stories about the Grim Reaper.
Death: Ha! Any luck?
Emily: Well, I found stories, but they didn’t seem... true.
Death: I would expect that they’re not.
Emily: But we know what you look like, so something must be true.
Death: I have a theory about that.
Emily: Yeah?
Death: I think I just take the form of whatever the cultural beliefs about me happen to be.
Emily: Riiiight.
Death: HA, HA! What, did you think Western cultures were the only ones who got it right? Bit up yourself, hey?
Emily: No, I just hadn’t got around to thinking of that yet.
Alt text: not thinking things through