↓ Transcript
Death: ...Yeah, so I’m not so good at the friends thing.
Emily: Eh, me neither, don’t worry about it.
Death: But I have an excuse. Why don’t you have any friends?
Emily: I don’t want any friends.
Death: But you’re human.
Emily: So?
Death: I thought humans were social creatures.
Emily: I’m an exception.
Death: Huh. Have you ever had a friend?
Emily: Yep. One, in primary school.
Death: Oh. What happened?
Emily: Oh, nothing, really. We went to different high schools and lost contact. That’s all.
Death: Was it... traumatic, at all?
Emily: No. And it doesn’t have anything to do with why I don’t want friends, either.
Death: Oh. So why don’t you?
Emily: I don’t need friends. Do you know how much work goes into keeping a friend?
Death: Of course not.
Emily: Heh. Listen.
(Some voices audible through random distant babble.)
...and then she was like “Oh well I’m not the one who cheated on her friend” and I was like...
I mean, just because she has a job, it doesn’t mean you abandon your friends...
Oh my god I swear Lachlan is such a jerk!
Emily: You hear all sorts of stuff when you hide in the back of the library, because you’re never the only one.
Alt text: too much hassle, too much drama, not enough kindness