↓ Transcript
Death: I take it you come here often?
Emily: Haha, yeah, I hide. I’ve got spots all over the school, though, not just here. Because sometimes it’s a nice day or something, so I go outside.
Death: Sure. Tell me, what are you hiding from?
Emily: Just... people. I don’t mind being alone, I just don’t like people seeing me.
Death: Does that really make a difference?
Emily: It’s more awkward when people are judging me. Even if they’re not, I feel like they are.
Death: Are they mean? Any... uh, bullies?
Emily: Nah, you only really get picked on if you’re a real freak or some kind of competition. For friends and boyfriends and stuff.
Death: And I come to the conclusion that you’re neither?
Emily: Right. But I keep away to avoid becoming an exception, anyway. Plus it’s a quieter place to read than the classroom.
Death: Yeah. Not to mention a convenient place to avoid looking crazy should you start talking to any invisible figures of folklore.
Emily: That’s definitely a priority.
Alt text: 'why would you mind if people see you?' asks the person who's invisible all the time