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Emily: Anyway... so what is true, out of the myths?
Death: I really don't know all our myths about me. The ones I do know tend to be wrong.
Emily: Like?
Death: Uh... well, it's funny when someone thinks they can do a deal with me to stay alive. They usually ask me to play some kind of game...
Emily: You don't do that?
Death: Well, no, that wouldn't make sense. For one thing, their body has died, and I can't do a thing about that.
Emily: Well, you don't really make sense yourself, you know.
Death: What do you mean? All things die.
Emily: No, dying as a concept makes sense. You don't. Why does a physical being have to come and... do whatever you do?
Death: Ok, two things: Firstly, I am the concept. I'm not physical at all. How do you think I turn invisible? And secondly, some people don't have any problem with that logic.
Alt text: Really she's very glad to get answers to questions that have bugged her, in the back of her mind, since forever.