↓ Transcript
Emily: Those people don't know the meaning of logic.
Death: You are arguing with me about how illogical it is to believe I exist.
Emily: ...
Death: Just pointing that out.
Emily: You're going to challenge a lot of my views just by existing.
Death: If it helps at all, I'm not sure I do officially exist.
Emily: Are you saying I've imagined all this?
Death: No! No, I said 'officially' exist. Since I know I'm not physical, maybe I exist in a different way to you.
Emily: Uhuh. I don't know how that would work, but...
Death: Oh, I don't either, it's just a thought.
Emily: Oh. Well, as long as this isn't all in my head.
Death: How could it be? I've existed since at least the dawn of life, if not time itself.
Alt text: as if you didn't already spend all these years simultaneously believing in him and not