↓ Transcript
(Cut to after school; Emily is climbing a tree beside a footy oval, relating the incident to Dee.)
...And they wonder why I hate everyone! Honestly!
Dee: Hate's a strong word.
Emily: Yeah, well, strongly dislike, whatever. Bloody Markus! Finds out the least tidbit and immediately goes and speculates about it with his friends...! I mean, wouldn't you think maybe that's private? You know, since I don't tell anybody?!
Dee: Well, um... ... Can - can I be honest, Em?
Emily: Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't you be?
Dee: I don't know. Am I supposed to take your side?
Emily: You don't have to. I won't be offended if you take their side.
Dee: Are you sure?
Emily: Geez, Dee, you've told me off before, I can take it! Defend them if you want!
Dee: ... I'm not going to say they weren't mean. They were. Especially Abe. He hates you. But... you were quite mean, too.