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Emily: How so?
Dee: You set Markus up.
Emily: No I didn't!
Dee: Well, if it was private, why did you tell him? What did you expect him to do?
Emily: ...
Dee: Of course he was going to wonder what happened to your real parents. If you didn't want him to speculate, you should have given him more information. Or none. You already thought he would talk about it with his friends, or you wouldn't have followed him.
Emily: It was a test.
Dee: A stupid one! Information like that raises more questions than it answers. He was already curious about you.
Emily: If he wants to know things about me, he could just ask.
Dee: Sure, and you'd shut him down, as always.
Emily: ... Well he didn't have to go and tell all his friends.
Dee: How was he supposed to know you told him that in confidence? You didn't indicate, and besides, he doesn't owe you any loyalty.