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Emily: It doesn't matter! It's wrong to talk about people behind their back!
Dee: It is? But - but we're talking about him right now.
Emily: ... Well it depends on what gets said. They were saying all sorts of snide things...
Dee: Like what? Like about what you did on the bus? Because I don't know what you expected people to think of you after that but it was never going to be anything nice.
Emily: ... Look, whether you're real or not, doesn't it seem reasonable that I might want some space for my imaginary friend to sit?
Dee: Not really. Especially when it means other people have to stand.
Emily: Little kids do stuff like that all the time and get humoured, though. Carmine used to never let us go anywhere until we'd waited for her imaginary friends to get in the car and put their seatbelts on. I mean, you're clearly who I'm saving the seat for.