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Dee: That's little kids, though. It's different.
Emily: -SIGH- I wish it wasn't.
Dee: But I don't need space, Emily. It's embarrassing to watch them stand when there's a perfectly good seat...
Emily: I am going to save you a seat and you are going to sit in it.
Dee: ... Fine. But if you're going to blow up at people like that, you have to expect that they're going to hate you and insult you behind your back.
Emily: Ok but I'm allowed to resent them for that.
Dee: But they only do it because of your behaviour! If you don't want them to dislike you, don't act like that!
Emily: Whether I act like that or not, Markus comes and bothers me.
Dee: He's just curious. You're interesting.
Emily: Why's he so curious about me? Can't he leave me alone? I stay out of people's way, they should stay out of mine! It's not like I go looking for trouble. You know, usually.
Dee: You really don't avoid it, though. Even besides the bus incident, you could be way more secretive about me.
Emily: What's the point? There's nothing wrong with talking to someone everyone else assumes is imaginary.