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Dee: People still think it's odd, though.
Emily: People are judgemental.
Dee: Yes. You should give them less reason to judge you.
Emily: What!? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! That's like telling gays to stay in the closet because it's better to avoid conflict with homophobes than it is to be themselves!
Dee: No it isn't. You can be yourself without rubbing it in people's faces.
Emily: What do I rub in people's faces?
Dee: You're hostile. Sure, you want to be left alone, but you're not going to be, not all the time, and it's unreasonable to expect you will. And nobody's going to accept you for who you are when who you are is basically unpleasant. You could at least be polite.
Emily: I am, when it's truly unavoidable. I'm polite in shops and to teachers and stuff. But if other students are going to bother me, like Markus who does it all the time, politely asking them to move away doesn't really work.
Dee: Why are you so desperate to be alone? I don't understand.
Emily: I like solitude. They're all judgemental idiots who don't understand me.
Dee: You make them judge you, because you deliberately live up to stereotypes! You don't give anyone a chance to understand you!