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Dee: ... Yes. I'm not rude about it, am I?
Emily: You do it all the time, though! It's really annoying.
Dee: I'm sure you'd be even more annoyed if I was mean to you and disappeared each time, though. Frankly, I'm astonished at Markus' persistence. Any reasonable person would have given up by now.
Emily: Well it drives me nuts! And you want me to feed it?
Dee: Keep him at a distance if you must, but at least throw away your pointy stick.
Emily: Are you going to make me?
Dee: No. But I really wish you wouldn't make everyone dislike you so much. Markus is the one person who doesn't seem to yet, and for crying out loud, Emily, please don't force him away.
Emily: It is better to be feared than loved.
Dee: What?
Emily: I don't know. It's a quote from something.