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Dee: Then failing that, I think you should be more civil to people like Markus, and when someone tries to talk to you, at least make small talk. You don't have to divulge your deepest secrets or anything, but just... Be polite, ok? Have a chat.
Emily: About what? People just ask me about you all the time, and whether or not I'm crazy. Do you want me to tell them the truth? I would be quite happy to do that, you know.
Dee: ... I know. But that's no good either.
Emily: Why not? Why can't I tell everyone? Why do you have to be a secret?
Dee: I... you just can't.
Emily: What do I tell people, then?
Dee: Lie. Make up a harmless story and stick to it. It's not difficult.
Emily: My 'harmless lie' is that you're my imaginary friend. You seem to think it's no good.
Dee: No, the lie is fine; but your attitude... You can always just change the subject, anyway, if they ask you awkward questions...
Emily: What, like you do, oh-so-subtly?