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Dee: How?
Emily: You expect everyone to hate you, and you don't do a thing about it.
Dee: That's different.
Emily: No it isn't! Why is it so much worse for me to be hated than you?
Dee: Because you're part of a society, and I'm not. I only meet people once, and very briefly. But social interaction is fundamental in your life, and public opinion can have a very real impact on you. Besides, it's not entirely my fault that people hate me, and whether they do or not, I try to be polite.
Emily: Great, and what do your manners get you?
Dee: A civil encounter, where harshness would bring only misery. Things are much easier if you know you're being fair.
Emily: I think I'm being fair.
Dee: I don't think you are.
Emily: Well, what do you want me to do different?
Dee: I think you should try to make other friends.
Emily: I don't want to, and I'm not going to. I've got all the friends I want.