↓ Transcript
Dee: It's from 'The Prince' and you are not ruling anything so it doesn't really apply to you. YOU ARE BURNING ALL OF YOUR BRIDGES.
Emily: Pff! I don't care! Let them burn! If I want a bridge, I'll build one. In the meantime, I'll sit on my island and be perfectly happy.
Dee: What if you need a bridge in a hurry?
Emily: I really can't think why I would.
Dee: See, I'm afraid a situation like that will come up, and you will be in big trouble.
Emily: Then you can say 'I told you so'.
Dee: Emily...
Emily: What?
Dee: What if... what if one day you decide you want a bridge, but nobody on the other side lets you build any? What if you get trapped on your island?
Emily: I'll swim.
Dee: To where?