↓ Transcript
(In the library at school, Emily with her laptop open, Dee sitting alongside her.)
Hey, Dee? This might seem like a weird question, but... Do you remember a boy committing suicide yesterday? Locally?
Dee: Uh... maybe? Was he a few years older than you?
Emily: Yeah, he was in year 12.
Dee: I think I know who you mean. Why do you ask?
Emily: Just morbid curiosity. Can... can I ask how he died?
Dee: Why?
Emily: I don't know. I always wonder, but obviously they never give out that information.
Dee: ... Is it meant to be obvious that they haven't given out that information, or obvious why?
Emily: Uh... both?
Dee: Because I don't understand the 'why'.
Emily: It's to avoid copycat suicides.
Dee: ... Is that a thing?