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Emily: Yeah, it's when people are... I dunno, 'inspired' is probably the wrong word, but people get ideas from other suicides. I don't really understand, but then I'm not suicidal. Or a sociologist.
Dee: That's so strange.
Emily: So you've never noticed clusters of similar suicides?
Dee: Coincidences happen, but it's really hard to discern between them and real correlations.
Emily: I suppose. Anyway, that's why they hardly report suicides, let alone spread the details.
Dee: So how do you know about this?
Emily: He went to a nearby school. Lots of people here were his friends. Also his mum's a teacher here. It's... it's big news here today. But asking how he died is... not done. Which is entirely fair, but I'm still curious.
Dee: He slit his wrists.
Emily: Oh. Ew. That's not the way I'd want to go.
Dee: What, you think about this?
Emily: Oh come on, everyone thinks about it. Even you.