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Dee: ...
Emily: Hey, what's the best way to die? I suppose you're the authority.
Dee: The best? Oh, I'd have to think about that. Definitely some ways seem better than others... Hmm.
Emily: Is drowning all that good? Is it as peaceful as they say?
Dee: Do they say that?
Emily: Yeah, because you just sort of... breathe in and drift off. I heard it compared to being in a womb, once.
Dee: Hmm. Maybe. It's better than plenty of other ways to die, but... I'm not sure. You die quickly, but it's... I wouldn't say it's peaceful. People don't struggle when they drown but it's only because their muscles have no oxygen. I think that paralysis would be terrifying.
Emily: Oh. Yeah...
Dee: But then it probably depends on your attitude.
Emily: ... What's the worst way to die, do you think?
Dee: Oh, god, I don't know. Tortured to death... digested alive... ... electrocuted...
Emily: What? Electrocution? But that's over quick, isn't it? I thought they used it for execution because it's humane. Ish.