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Dee: Not always, not always. There's just something about electrocution that really creeps me out.
Emily: You can't get electrocuted, can you?
Dee: I don't know. Vacuums don't conduct electricity, but electrons can jump through them, with enough force. Maybe a high enough voltage could overcome whatever my force is that keeps stuff out of me. I'm not all that game to experiment.
Emily: Would it hurt you, if it did?
Dee (shuddering): No idea, but it doesn't matter. The whole concept is freaky.
Emily: Why?
Dee: I'm not sure. Electricity in general is fine. That's how your neurons work, after all, and appliances are alright, and lightning is pretty awesome, but... I don't know why I should like electrocution so much less than other things.
Emily: What about things like electric fences?
Dee: Ugh! Hate them.
Emily: But they don't even hurt.
Dee: Em, they kill people!
Emily: What!? No they don't!
Dee: Yes they do! I think I should know!
Emily: ... I'm talking about the fences they have on farms to keep cattle in. They aren't lethal. I've touched one.
Dee: Oh. I was thinking of the ones at concentration camps.