↓ Transcript
Emily: Oh.
Dee: But I don't like non-lethal ones, either.
Emily: What about mozzie bite zappers?
Dee: I don't know what those are.
Emily: They're supposed to stop mosquito bites itching. You give the bite a little electric shock, and... (She is miming the action used to apply said device.)
(Dee shudders.)

Emily: HA! You have an irrational fear of electrocution!?
Dee: Yeah...
Emily: That's HILARIOUS!
Dee: What's so funny about it?
Emily: You're invincible! You shouldn't be afraid of anything!
Dee: Yeah, well, I know it's stupid, but I'm afraid of plenty.
Emily: Don't worry, loads of people have irrational fears. Me, too, probably.
Dee: "Probably"?
Emily: I don't know, I haven't had a lot of worldly experience. I haven't come across anything I'm scared of yet, but there are plenty of things I haven't come across.
Dee: So you're keeping the possibility open?
Emily: Yeah. Someone could have arachnophobia, but not realise until the first time they see a spider. Maybe one day I'll see more of the world and realise there are things I'm terrified of.