↓ Transcript
Dee: So fearlessness is just a sign of a closeted existence, you think?
Emily: No, not quite, I just... Someone could be actually fearless, but it's impossible to tell.
Dee: Hm, I suppose... But what about - ...
(He is startled by something and looks over his shoulder.)
... Who are you?!
Emily: Dee? Is... is someone there?
Dee (looking back at Emily with alarm): ...
Dee (looking at the invisible person again): What!? How!? What are you doing here!?
Emily: Who is it?
Dee: But... where am I?
Emily: Dee?
Dee: What? What's going on!? Can't you tell me what happened?
Emily: ...
Dee: But - No, wait... what are you doing? NO! Don't leave! WAIT!
Alt text: some unexpected evidence to support your claim, Emily - a second ago it hadn't occurred to me to be scared of THIS