↓ Transcript
Dee: Huh. I did, didn't I? I forgot I did that. Huh.
Emily: ... Is this one of those times where you've repressed all your negative emotions?
Dee: What? When do I do that?
Emily: Oh my god. ALL the freaking time. You are the most repressed person I have ever met.
Dee: I don't think I am.
Emily: You - what! AARGH. You are consciously avoiding thinking about the thing in the library-
Emily: I mean I get that it's how you cope but-
Dee: That doesn't even help your point because that's not repression. Change the subject. RIGHT NOW.
Emily: ... ... OK. Um... Do you - would you rather I called you Death?
Dee: What? Oh. I honestly don't mind.
Emily: Just choose.
Dee: ... OK. I like Dee.
Emily: OK.
Dee: And you can wear that shirt! I really don't see what the problem is.