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Emily: It's just... who wears a shirt with their best friend on it?
Dee: I think the difference is that most people's friends aren't on t-shirts.
Emily: What about, say, friends of Miley Cyrus?
Dee: How do you know what they wear?
Emily: But wouldn't it make them seem like her fans, rather than her friends?
Dee: Can't they be both? This doesn't even look a lot like me, ha ha! It's all blinged out! Look at that scythe! What kind of skull is that? Ridiculous!
Emily: Heh! Just because yours is boring.
(She picks up Dee's scythe.)
It's not boring! It's a tool, it doesn't need bling.
Alt text: “Oh, this is boring," Gideon had said in disappointment. "I wanted one with a skull puking another, smaller skull, and other skulls flying all around. But tasteful, you know?”