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Emily (unlocking her front door): You don't have to come back, you know.
Dee: Why wouldn't I? Do you... not want me back?
Emily: Don't be stupid, of course I do. But if you want to leave, like for a while, you can.
Dee: Sure, but I can use my own time. I don't need to waste yours.
Emily: But I... -SIGH- Dee if I'm a bad friend you are under no obligation to keep hanging around me.
Dee: But you're not a bad friend. How could you be? Isn't friendship an intrinsically positive relationship?
Emily: NO!! Oh my god NO! Haven't I been ranting to you for years about why I didn't want any friends? A bad friend might SAY they're your friend, but do things like... ...piss you off all the time, or take you for granted, or push you around, or completely ignore your feelings!
Alt text: but no TRUE scotsman would be a bad friend