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Dee: Well that's not an option, so.
Emily: It should be!
Dee: But it's not.
Emily: Oh god, Dee...
Dee: I don't understand the problem here, Emily. What's wrong?
Emily: I'm really concerned that I'm going to... bully you or something and you'll just put up with it. You need more options! You shouldn't be stuck with me.
Dee: Why? You won't do anything like that.
Emily: I could! Easily!
Dee: As long as you don't, there's no problem.
Emily: But it's - it's not balanced! The power, or whatever.
Dee: It's never going to be balanced. Emily, what - what would you do if I decided to, I don't know, beat you up?
Emily: ... Um.
Dee: Or... carry you away and imprison you somewhere?
Alt text: wait wait wait... you thought the power imbalance here was in YOUR favour???