↓ Transcript
Dee: -SIGH- Look, basically... ...this is stupid, but... I don't want to be alone.
Emily: That's... not stupid at all, Dee.
Dee: No, it is. I've been alone for an extremely long time and I've never minded at all. And now suddenly I mind a lot.
Emily: No, I'm exactly the same. I mean I was lonelier this summer than I've ever been before in my life.
Dee: Oh. So I suppose I'll leave if loneliness ever seems the lesser evil.
Emily (going into the living room): -SIGH-
Dee: But what's the problem with that? Isn't that the obvious thing to do? What would you do different?
Emily: Well, if I really didn't like you, but I really didn't want to be alone, I would make new friends.
Dee: Oh.