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Emily: I can't imagine why you'd do anything like that, though.
Dee: I don't know. Maybe I got really upset about something and decided to take it out on you. Point is, what would you do about that?
Emily: Hmm. Emotional warfare?
Dee: Hahaha! I think by that point I'd be too far gone to care. OR... I might care a lot, and it could make everything worse.
Emily: Hmm. But I thought you couldn't kill people, so isn't this all...
Dee: There are an awful lot of things you can do to someone before they'll die, Emily.
Emily: ... Right. ...
Dee: The answer is nothing, ok? I can do anything and you can't stop me. You don't even have the option of running away.
Emily: ...
Dee: Is, um, is this a problem?
Alt text: hold on... i didn't come across as SUPER threatening just now did i?