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Emily: And what about people who are dead, but get hooked up to machines so their organs will stay kind of alive, for donation or something?
Dee: I don't really know. I just turn up when I do. I suppose it must be the tipping point, when there's absolutely no way for the organism to keep going. Even if the rest isn't fully dead immediately. Because you're right, all the systems don't simultaneously fail.
Emily: What about when people die but get started up agai-
Skateboard teen (appearing in front of them, flanked by two friends): Hey. Sorry to interrupt your, uh, chat, but I was wondering... What exactly is wrong with you?
Emily: What's wrong with me?
Skateboard teen: Yeah. What's your problem?
Emily: ... You know, I don't actually know what it's called. What is your name, anyway?
Skateboard teen: Har, har. Think you're funny? I mean up here. What's wrong with your brain?