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Emily (pouring herself a bowl of cereal): Oh. I guess. But then, everything we know was discovered in a fraction of the time you've had to figure yourself out.
Dee (pulling up a bar stool): I've figured some stuff out. I know about my strength limits and pain thresholds. I know I'm basically a vacuum, with no internal organs. I know I have no mass, and I can go faster than light, and I can't change the past.
Emily: Surely you could get further, though.
Dee: How?
Emily: I don't know. Experiments?
Dee: Yeah, those can turn out really badly.
Emily: But what if we - wait. What? Have you done experiments already, then?
Dee: No. I just mean... in general. I see a lot of experiments.
Emily: Oh. Wait, no you don't! Not most.
Dee: I said 'a lot'.
Emily: Oh. Well, that, maybe. But there are a lot of harmless experiments! We should do some!
Alt text: actually he learned nearly all of the things in the second panel experimentally