↓ Transcript
Dee: Um. What do you have in mind?
Emily: I don't know. But I promise not to go all Nazi doctor on anyone. Let's list all the things we'd like to know first, and then we can try to think of experiments for them. What do you say?
Dee: ... ...ok.
Emily: Yay! Ok! And we should - you know the photos I took of you? I've been wondering for ages whether other people would see you if I showed them the photos, or if it would just look like, say, a photo of a wall.
Dee: Oh, I hadn't thought of that! Yes, and - oh! Inanimate objects! We could see whether a camera can 'see' me when no one's holding it. And sound! I want to know if I create real sound!
Emily: Yes! Let's do this!