↓ Transcript
Maddy: Oh, now I see it too! Make it float again, I want another go!
Dee: See if they notice me move it.
Emily: Uh... ok. First just look at the apple and see when it moves.
Maddy: OK.
(The sisters both stare intently at the apple as Dee picks it up.)
Maddy: Oh! It's gone! I didn't see it go!
Emily: Huh. OK. But can you see it floating, now?
Carmine: Yeah... I... I don't know... My head hurts...
Maddy: -GASP- I see it! But... Yeah, mine hurts, too.
Emily (making some notes on her clipboard): OK, well... thank you, you can stop now. This is all very interesting...
Maddy or Carmine: OK, now how did you do that?
Emily: Oh, as if I'm going to explain my magic trick!
Maddy or Carmine: Aw!