↓ Transcript
(Emily and Dee are outside somewhere.) Emily: Hi! Do you mind if I survey you? School project. It's on illusions.
A woman who is walking her dog: Oh, sure.
Emily (holding out a photo on the clipboard): It won't take long. Can you see a man in this photo?
Woman: Yes.
Emily: OK, good. Now, do you mind taking two photos with this camera? Just of anything.
Woman (taking the digital camera she is handed): Alright. Do I just press this button?
Emily: Yep. Something weird may or may not happen.
(The woman points the camera; Dee stands in front of where she's aiming it.)
-CLICK- Ok, there's one, aaand... -CLICK- Oh!
(Dee is visible in the screen for the second photo, but nor the first.)
There's a man there! But he wasn't there... before...
Emily: Yeah, it's a trick camera.
Woman: Oh. He's not a very nice looking man, is he?
Emily: Uh. Could you see the man before you took the second photo? In the screen?
Woman: Yes, he appeared just before I took it.
Emily: But you didn't see anyone there in real life?
Woman: No...
Emily: OK, that's all we need. Thanks for your time!
Woman: You're welcome! ... But is the man real?
Emily: ... uh, no.
Woman: Oh, good.
Emily: ...