↓ Transcript
Dee: Well, we've got almost exactly the same results for everyone, I'd say that's pretty conclusive-
Emily: Why!? Why do they all have to be so judgemental!?
Dee: Yeah, oh well. So, the only point of variance was whether people saw me on the viewfinder beforehand, and-
Emily: Couldn't they have just answered my questions and gone on with their day!? I mean, did I ask anyone to cast aspersions on the moral character of the guy in the photo!? No! So why would they?
Dee: Emily, it's fine, honestly. Anyway, I suppose this means it all depends on whether I let the camera see me, and people can usually see me on that even when they can't themselves.
Emily: Yeah. It seems so. And the cameras could see you hold stuff, too.
Dee: Yeah. Presumably because a camera is a little less subjective than a mind. I wonder if this is the case for hearing me, too?
Emily: OK. You want to move onto that? I've had enough quizzing jerks.
Dee: Yeah, I think we've done enough.