↓ Transcript
Emily (holding out her phone): Ok, go.
Dee: La la bla bla blah
Phone: La la bla bla blah
Emily: Aha! So your voice is not a telepathic projection!
Dee: Well now, don't jump to conclusions.
(He puts the phone on a nearby wall.)
Can you hear me now, object?
Phone: Can you hear me now, object?
Dee: Yes, then. Now I'll take a form you can't hear, Em. See if it still records me.
Emily: OK, recording.
(Dee vanishes, then reappears as Emily replays the sound clip.)
Arghrl snarl grrl grarff!!
Emily: Whoa! What were you!?
Dee (pointing to a dog running alongside a jogger on the other side of the road): Uhh... a dog type thing. But I was also intangible, or so I thought.
Emily: Oh yeah, I had an idea about that...