↓ Transcript
(Emily puts a big glass bowl of jelly on the bench with a clunk.)
Emily: OK, so... I kinda just wanted to make a big bowl of jelly. But also, I thought maybe we could see if you ruptured it, if you made a noise in there?
Dee: Haha! It's worth a shot.
A second Dee (arriving with an electric device of some kind): Let's measure the vibrations!
Emily: I supose if you need to be entirely submerged, you could do it again in a smaller form?
Dee: Yeah.
Emily: Oh, and I think we should film it.
(Dee positions his head inside the bowl of jelly.)
Emily: OK, go.
Dee: Help, HELP! I'm trapped in the jelly!!
Emily: -SNRK- You're a dork.
Dee: Hey! There are cracks!
Emily: It actually worked!
Emily (reviewing the footage on the digital camera): Haha, this is such a weird video. But it got your rupture!
Camera: Help, HELP!
Emily: Yep, it happened when you spoke.