↓ Transcript
(They are sitting on the couch; Emily is eating some of the jelly.)
So this business with sound holds up with what happens when I move objects... I suppose because it's the same? I'm moving matter? So it's not that people don't see or hear it, it's that they don't notice, because of some kind of perception filter?
Emily: It just took longer for people to notice they could hear you, didn't it? And there were more migraines. But it all matches up, doesn't it?
Dee: Well, sort of... We still have no idea how I could cast such a filter... ...and why isn't it the same for light? From what we've seen, I can be actually invisible, and selectively. Not simply unnoticed. So what's going on? Is light passing through me, or reflecting off me? How do we test that? If light isn't coming off me, what is? You see me.
Emily: Why can't light do both? It isn't matter. Maybe this is some weird quantum thing.
Dee: I'm pretty sure your grasp of quantum physics is even worse than mine, but... who knows? Maybe.
Emily: But you cast a shadow and reflections, don't you?
Dee: Yeah, though they could just be a part of me, somehow...
Emily: Well, that'd explain your wacky eyes.
Carmine (coming through the door behind them): -GASP- Is that jelly!? Can I have some?
Emily: I made it, it's mine!
Carmine: What!? All of it?
Emily: Go away, Dudders.
Carmine: Stop calling me that!
Dee: You're going to eat that entire bowl of jelly?
Emily: Fine, I guess I made a lot. Go get a bowl.