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Mr Rosenfeld: OK tute - we don't have anything that really needs doing today... And I don't know about you but I am quite tired of heads-down-thumbs-up.
Alison: Ugh! Yeah!
Abe: Why do we even play that?
Jad: No more heads-down-thumbs-up!
Judas: Do we get an early lunch then?
Mr Rosenfeld (handing out a sheaf of printer paper and some pens): I was thinking we could do that activity where you all tape pieces of paper to your backs, then write nice things about each other, anonymously. Or not. Try to write something nice on everyone's back! Not just your friends! And try to write different kinds of compliments.
Alison: Can you tape mine on for me?
Harrison: Sure!
(Emily receives a piece of paper then starts writing on it directly.)
Jad: Not joining in, Emily?
Emily: Mm, I'm sure you're dying to write nice things about me, aren't you?
Jad: Hm. Well this saves us the effort of trying to think of something. Thanks.
Alt text: Tute is basically a 20 minute period of nothing that happens every day. It was a thing we had at my school. IT WAS STUPID TIMETABLING