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Mr Rosenfeld: Please join in, Emily. I think this might be very good for you.
Emily: Yeah, just a sec. I really want to write this thing down.
Abe: In all fairness, I think Emily should be allowed to sit out on this. Would you ask someone with a broken leg to sprint a hundred metres?
Emily: … You know what? FINE. Abe - you've got fantastic throwing skills.
Abe: Thanks! I practise a lot.
Emily: Oh, really? Who else, huh? Alison, I admire your courageous acts behind the oval.
Alison: H-hey!
Emily: Judas, it's so considerate how you never let your girlfriends find out about each other. Lydia, you always say such lovely things about your friends behind their backs. You're very kind.
Mr Rosenfeld:
Jad: What the hell!? Why are you like this!? Do you get a kick out of it? Are you just that awful? What the hell!
Emily (looking pissed):
Emily (suddenly deflating): Actually? I don't know.
Alt text: Yep. My protagonist is definitely one of those kind, virtuous, too-good-for-this-earth types.