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Emily: I don't know why I said all that. I didn't mean to get this bad, honestly. I really only meant to stay out of everyone’s way, and if anyone was mean to me I'd be mean back, but… None of you have done anything much to me. Well, except you, Abe, and I know why you hate me. No, you're right, I'm just a jerk, a much bigger jerk than I ever meant to be. And I'm sorry. Can I take back those backhanded things I just said? I’ll join in and write genuine compliments. I really am sorry.
Mr Rosenfeld: Here.
Emily: Oh. I don't think anyone’ll have anything good to say about me.
Mr Rosenfeld: You might be surprised.
Emily (writing on Abe’s back): You seem like a very good friend.
Emily (writing on some girl’s back): You have a lovely infectious smile.
Emily (writing on Jad’s back): You have really interesting ideas and opinions.
(Emily is surprised when someone writes something on her back.)
Alt text: 'Interesting' really is the biggest compliment Em has.