↓ Transcript
Mr Rosenfeld: Well it's just about lunchtime now, so you can stop and see what everybody wrote.
Mr Rosenfeld:
(Emily reads the following off her piece of paper:)
Your very smart [sic]
Good apology
I admire your confidence (also you're pretty)
(Later, Emily and Dee are walking home.)
So are you going to make friends now?
Emily: God no. They really are arseholes, I didn't say anything that was untrue. But I just… it wasn't called for. And I can't believe I got so full of hate. I don't want to be like that - like this. But I wasn't careful, I fell down this slippery slope.
Dee: You don't want to get off the slope completely?
Emily: Probably not in the way you'd like, but I can be better than this, and I will.
Alt text: The first to write on her back was NOT Markus, though he did write something. Not that it matters much what order they went in, really.