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Emily: Hey.
Lachlan (through phone): Is that - is that Emily?
Emily: Yeah.
Lachlan: It's me. It's your dad.
Emily: You're not my dad.
Lachlan: What?
Emily: You haven't been here. You haven't called. You don't get to call yourself my dad.
Lachlan: I'm sorry! I swear, I would have, but I never knew about you.
Emily: Liar.
Lachlan: No! Truly! Louise - she never - she didna tell me she had cancer, and she didna tell me she was pregnant. I swear!
Emily: She said she called you! She said! And you didn't want me!
Lachlan: The last time we spoke was at the airport, saying goodbye. She never called. I swear. But I'm back in Australia for a conference, see, and I thought - bit of a long shot, but - I thought I'd see if I could catch up with anyone, any of my friends from last time, ye ken? I still had your... grandparents' number, so I called them, to see if they could put me onto her, and they told me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to abandon you. If I'd known...
Emily: So you're trying to tell me my mum lied to us!?
Alt text: oh so it was all a misunderstanding hmm