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Emily: So... there's nothing after death?
Dee: What? How are you jumping to that conclusion? If there's an afterlife, who says I'd get in? I'm not dead. If people are reincarnated, I can hardly ask them about previous lives.
Emily: You put way too much effort into keeping this a secret.
Dee: Still not telling. But if you thought I could contact your mum, why haven't you ever asked-
Emily: Wait. Wait, what about when I die?
Dee: ... What about it?
Emily: We can't keep hanging out after I'm dead?
Dee: No.
Emily: That's crap!!
Dee: What did you expect? Most relationships end when one person dies.
Emily: But you're DEATH!
Dee: Well noticed.
Emily: I thought it would be different.
Dee: Well, it's not. When you die, it's all over.
Alt text: Sure Dee, pretend like it's no big deal that this has finally come up.