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Dee: But who's to say we'd even be friends by that point anyway?
Emily: Why wouldn't we be?
Dee: Just... we might not be? There are many reasons a friendship might end. And... I don't suppose you expect to die any time soon.
Emily: I hope we're still friends.
Dee: Really? It'll be awkward if we are.
Emily: It'll be more awkward if we're not.
Dee: I'd, uh, really rather we not talk about this.
Emily (rubbing her face): Yeah, me neither. I've got enough problems at the moment without - AUGH! (She notices the mascara smeared all over her hand.)
Dee: Yeah, it's... all over your face.
(Emily scrubs at her eyes; it makes it worse.)
Dee: heh
Emily: This stuff just keeps coming! Ah well, I'll get it off later. ... ...what if mum did lie, though? What do I do? I've got a lifetime of hatred for this guy. What do I do with that, if he doesn't even deserve it?
Dee: Take up a sport?
Emily: Heh. No but... ... If you can't ask her, could you go back and just... eavesdrop?
Alt text: Dee has never experienced the awkwardness that is running into an ex-friend.