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Dee: ... Yeah, I can do that.
(He vanishes, then returns.)
Dee: I... I'm sorry to tell you this but... I can't find that your mum told him anything.
Emily: Are you sure!?
Dee: I found her telling other people she had, but... And I found him ringing your grandparents, he really did seem shocked, and then he rang his wife and -
Emily: He has a wife!?
Dee: Uh... yes?
Emily: What did she think?
Dee: Look, I was just finding our who was telling the truth, alright? And it looks like it was your dad. ... I mean, your not-dad. Sorry.
Emily: Why!? Why would Mum do that?
Dee: I'm not psychic! But... I'm sure she thought this was for the best. (He pats her.)
Emily: She lied.
Alt text: He has a LIFE!?!?1