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Dee: It's inconvenient to carry around, though. I'm glad I can tuck it in my robe.
Emily: Yeah, I can imagine. Is it fragile?
Dee: No, not really.
Emily: Do you use the scythe?
Dee: Yes. Some souls are difficult to remove.
Emily: How come?
Dee: Some people are determined to stay on. Even when they can't. Some are very young. Often there's no real reason, their soul just sticks.
Emily: What was my mother like when she died?
Dee: She was very... peaceful. Not difficult at all. All she did was worry about you. That's why I... appeared. Do you miss her?
Emily: Not really. I barely remember her, after all. And I have a family. I have my aunt and uncle and cousins.
Dee: Where is your father?
Alt text: the tools of the trade vary by form, of course