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Emily: Where do souls go? Is there an afterlife?
Dee: I can't tell you.
Emily: Why?
Dee: Why do you think?
Emily: I don't know. Spoiler?
Dee: You could say that.
Emily: Is there a rule?
Dee: Not really, but telling you is a bad idea.
Emily: Oh, come on, please?
Dee: No.
Emily: Oh, fine.
Dee: What are you doing?
Emily: Climbing this tree.
Dee: Any... reason? I didn't think humans were particularly tree-dwelling. Most of you, anyway.
Emily: Oh this is just fun.
Dee: Uh. People die from falling out of trees, though.
Emily: Oh, come on, you're as bad as teachers. Hey, do you know when I'm going to die?
Dee: ... No.
Emily: Oh. But don't you have an hour glass?
Dee (pulling an hourglass out of his robe): What, this? Uh... it's, uh... I guess it's symbolic.
Emily: It doesn't do anything? Why do you have it?
Dee: Because... because people imagine I do, I suppose.
Alt text: small reference to Ethel Spowers on this page