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Emily: It is a bit weird. You already said you don't know everything, and you're eternal, aren't you? How the hell would humans know, then?
A student, overhearing: Um... Emily, who are you talking to?
Emily: Myself. Duh.
Student: Riight.
Another student: Have fun with that.
Emily: Thank you I will. Anyway...
Dee: Sorry about that.
Emily: Oh, don't worry about them.
(Other students, in background: Well she's weird)
I'll just put my lunchbox away then we'll go somewhere else.
Dee: Oh, OK. Well, back to the innate knowledge thing, I've just always known everything I've needed to and nothing else. And I've never noticed other animals on Earth going to a school, so...
Emily: Ah. I think mostly that's just instinct, but some animals get taught extra by their families, too. Humans have instinct, sure, but that's a different kind of knowledge to what you get in school. I mean, instinct is knowing what to do in a crisis or with food or something, but humans build societies where that's not enough, I guess. We make our own rules for survival, apart from instinct. And these need to be taught.
Dee: I guess that makes sense.
Emily: Gee, I hope so. I really... these are just my on-the-spot opinions, I could be wrong.
Dee: Well, I barely know anything. I only know what I need to know about my duty.
Emily: Which is what, exactly?
Dee: Well, the Law... and how to travel back in time, how to find who's next no matter where in the universe they are, um... oh of course and how to take out a soul... and move it on...
Alt text: AN: i was a firefighter for a bit and let me tell you my instinct was ZERO use in a crisis